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How to Use Solid Cleansing Oils

Butter me up

Oil cleansing is a great way to clean your face without stripping away skin’s natural oils.

Unlike foaming face washes, oils won’t scrub skin dry. Instead, they soothe and hydrate as they cleanse. Plus, oil can be a great multitasker. Some people use a separate makeup remover for eye products and face products, and then a final all-over wash. But oil-based cleansers can be gentle on the eyes and clear away dirt, makeup and oil in one simple sweep.

How to oil cleanse with naked skincare

Just like our solid, package-free massage bars and body lotions, naked facial oils heat up on contact with skin. Massage it directly onto the face or work it up between your palms first. Then simply soak a cloth in warm water to wash it all away.

How to find the best oil for your skin

Feeling a little dry or sensitive? Opt for rich emollient ingredients like the murumuru butter in Banana Skin Facial Oil or the cocoa and shea butters in Sleepy Face Naked Cleansing Balm. If you’re working with an oilier canvas, consider Tea Totaler instead. This bare bar’s blend of sage, rosemary and tea tree oils tone your skin as it cleanses.

And if you need to buff away drier, flakier skin, consider something with a little more scrubbing power. Gritty Politti has a blend of cleansing coconut oil and finely ground coconut shells to buff skin back to its natural radiance and leave it touchably soft.

Need to double cleanse?

Some people love the makeup-removing qualities of an oil cleanser but still crave that classic squeaky-clean feel. Enter double cleansing: a happy medium that gives you both.

A double cleanse often involves starting with an oil cleanser, then following with a more traditional foaming face wash. So, after cleansing with one of our solid bars, follow your routine with the balancing and astringent tea tree and lavender oils in Fresh Farmacy or the deep-cleansing charcoal of Coalface. Plus it’s a great way to double up on a packaging-free routine.