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Our Values

Six principles we live and breathe

From freshest ingredients to fighting against animal testing, we have six core philosophies that we live and breathe every day.

We believe in creating more than just fun, gorgeous products for the bath, body and shower. We believe in making a difference in the world with the choices we make as a brand. These six values are company-wide commitments that flow through our products and into your hands.

Freshest cosmetics

The fresher the ingredient is, the better the effect it’ll have on your skin or hair. As soon as fruit and veggies are harvested, they begin decomposing and losing their vital nutrients, we always use the freshest ingredients possible. We make fresh batches of your favorite products and deliver them to our shops ASAP, so you only ever get our products freshly made and at the peak of their effectiveness.

100 percent vegetarian

Every single one of our products is 100 percent vegetarian and more than 80 percent are vegan. Since the beginning, we’ve always actively chosen vegetarian alternatives to the animal ingredients often found in other cosmetics. For example, glycerin is typically derived from animal fat, but the glycerin you’ll find in our products is actually made from non-GMO rapeseed oil to give you the same luxurious feel from our products, while being completely cruelty-free.

Ethical buying

Our dedicated ethical buying team works to not only source ingredients and packaging, but to also learn about and build close relationships with the land, people and communities that harvest them. Ingredients are traced from planting to processing to ensure that the process is ethical from start to finish.


There’s just something about the human touch. Walk into any Lush shop: from the products on our shelves to the wooden shelves themselves, everything is handmade by our teams. Compounders slice, dice and mix up fresh batches of product, while a team in our Vancouver, Canada woodshop craft unique furniture and other pieces using reclaimed wood.


Every year, millions of tons of packaging ends up in landfills. And the best way to reduce it? By getting rid of it completely! Browse through our shops or online and discover a huge selection of naked (or unpackaged) goodies to choose from including bath bombs, bubble bars, reusable knot-wraps, shower gels, body lotion and more.

Fighting animal testing

For decades, we’ve been fighting against animal testing. We actively choose ingredients from companies that don’t commission tests on animals and when we develop new products, we only test them on human volunteers. In 2012, we introduced the Lush Prize to take the fight further—the prize awards researchers, scientists and lobbyists with a £250,000 prize fund to continue their work developing and supporting new animal-free initiatives.