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Perfuming Your Hair

Lusciously fragrant locks

Hair is a fabulous fragrance diffuser.

To take advantage of this natural ability, all of our haircare inventions contain perfumes that linger in your locks, surrounding you in a halo of gorgeous fragrance throughout the day. So as you shampoo, condition or style your hair, you’re also infusing it with fine essential oil blends that will lift your mood, keep you grounded, or make you smile.  

Beautiful and beneficial

Every one of our products contains a high-quality perfume made with the finest ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients. They’re expertly combined to create a scented experience while also improving the condition of your hair and skin—it’s a win-win!

Happy Happy Joy Joy is one of our most beloved conditioners with an incredible perfume. It’ll be love at first sniff when you experience its uplifting blend of neroli, rose, grapefruit and orange flower, but remember: it’s great for your hair too! Rose helps to soothe the scalp, while grapefruit and orange flower work to cleanse the hair, breaking down dirt and excess oil. Almond milk adds a nourishing touch of moisture, creating a lightweight vegan conditioner that leaves locks soft and shiny without weighing it down. The best part? You’ll be catching hints of its glorious scent all day.

Godiva Shampoo Bar is another one of our favorite fragranced haircare inventions. Long used as a tonic for the hair and scalp, jasmine takes a leading role in this perfume with notes of exotic hibiscus and ylang ylang too. Fair trade organic cocoa butter leaves locks silky smooth and hydrated, and you’ll enjoy subtle wafts of a sensual jasmine perfume for hours to come.

With a delectable strawberry-vanilla perfume, American Cream Conditioner is a truly sumptuous treat for the hair. Honey water, organic vanilla pod infusion, fresh oranges and strawberries…sounds like a recipe for a delicious milkshake, right? The truth is, it’s just a few ingredients in American Cream that create its gorgeous scent, and leave locks smooth and silky.

A spritz of Sunny Day Anti-static Hair Detangler not only keeps frizz at bay, but scents locks with an intoxicating violet perfume that's simply irresistable. The perfect blend of voilet leaf absolute, jasmine and rosewood create a scent that's eqal parts floral and fresh. 

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