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Proud Supporters of the LGBTQ2+ Community

Meet the grassroots groups improving LGBTQ2+ lives

June is pride month. While honoring how far we’ve come in the march towards equal rights for LGBTQ2+ folks allies, we must also acknowledge that there’s still work to be done.

Every time you buy Charity Pot Body Lotion, we donate 100 percent of the purchase price to organizations working in the areas of human rights, animal protection and environmental justice.

In 2017 alone, more than 300 transgender people were killed by violent means, and at least 26 of those were here in North America. According to the United States Transgender Survey, nearly 50 percent of trans folks surveyed have been sexually assaulted—and those rates are even higher for trans people of color. Trans folks are no less deserving of rights and freedoms than any other person, but they face disproportionately higher rates of human rights discrimination than any other community.

Once we learned of these devastating and disproportionate facts, we worked closely with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) on a campaign to protect and advance the rights of trans and gender non-confirming folks. The NCTE is a DC-based social justice organization devoted to ending the discrimination and violence against transgender people through education and advocacy. NCTE also runs programs for trans individuals and their families which offer training, resources and opportunities to improve the policies that affect the trans community.

The campaign was in Lush shops and across our digital channels in February 2018 and we continue to proudly partner with NCTE. Their work is invaluable to the trans community.

Charity Pot funding also supports a number of organizations working on the front lines to make change for the LGBTQ2+ community.

Garden State Equality

Established 2004, Garden State Equality (GSE) is the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy organization in New Jersey, and one of the most successful statewide LGBT rights groups in the nation. With over half a million LGBT individuals in the state of New Jersey and more than 150,000 GSE members, their mission is to provide cutting-edge programs and services that meet the needs of the community and promote equality for all. In this “post-marriage-equality era,” these goals are centered mainly in the areas of education, youth development and health and wellness.

Familia TQLM

Familia:Trans Queer Liberation Movement's (Familia:TQLM) mission is to work at the local and national level to achieve the collective liberation of trans, queer and gender nonconforming Latina/os. They do this through community-building, organizing, advocacy and education. The organization's purpose is to create a cultural, political and organizing home for the LGBTQ Latina/o community in the United States.

Familia:TQLM’s main campaign is to End Trans Detention. They’re working to change immigration policies to end the detention and deportation of transgender immigrants. Other programs include family acceptance work, which consists of educating and training Latino parents, families and allies on family acceptance, and engaging them in Familia: TQLM's broader organizing and campaign work.

South Carolina Youth Action Project inspiring youth

South Carolina Youth Action Project inspiring youth


Unsilence breaks taboos and lifts voices to illuminate stories of human rights and ignite action against injustice. They create empowering learning experiences for youth and teach educators and community leaders to inspire healing and social change.

Unsilence helps young people, educators and the public confront injustices and human rights violations—at home and around the world—that are difficult to talk about. The programs begin by guiding communities to identify the institutional, cultural and personal barriers that prevent them from acting on human rights issues that are taboo. Unsilence designs and delivers dynamic, interactive learning experiences and keeps communities engaged over time by training educators and community leaders (including young leaders) to implement the learning experiences locally, and advocate for an ongoing open culture of dialogue around domestic and global human rights.


Transilient is a traveling photo and interview-based project. They candidly document transgender and gender non-conforming people in their day-to-day lived realities using only their voices. The project attempts to humanize, educate and destroy the assumption that trans folks are solely defined by their physical experience and their oppression.

To bring about understanding and tackle transphobia, they aim to weave transgender lives into the overall human experience instead of merely focusing on the transition. Their objective is to create a platform that is accessible to all people, in and out of the trans community.

Get Real Movement

Get Real is a youth-focused non-profit that works to combat LGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying in schools, summer camps and workplaces across Canada. They accomplish this by offering inclusivity workshops and leadership development through their university chapter and high school after-school programs across North America. Their programming aims to break down prejudice, promote unity, and foster compassion in our world.

South Carolina Youth Action Project

South Carolina Youth Action Project believes sex education should go way beyond the current abstinence-only curriculum. They reject South Carolina’s so-called Comprehensive Health Education Program that shamefully requires queer and trans identities to only be discussed in the context of sexually transmitted diseases, refuses to discuss sex outside of marriage, prohibits the distribution of contraceptives on school grounds and outlaws any discussion of abortion.

They demand sex education courses that are engaging, that affirm queer and trans identities, and discuss consent, healthy relationships, anatomy, barriers and contraception, body positivity, sustainable hygiene products, pleasure and abortion. They demand that girls, trans youth and gender nonconforming youth from across the state are integral to the designing and developing of this more radical and holistic curriculum. They demand these courses be taught by a qualified sex educator who believes in reproductive justice and is willing to facilitate conversations related to sexual trauma, the violent history of gynecology and forced sterilization in the South.

Want to support these incredible organizations and others? Pick up a Charity Pot! 100 percent of the purchase price of this rich, hydrating body lotion is donated to grassroots groups working for human rights, animal protection and environmental justice.