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What products can I use while pregnant?

A Lush Guide

Not only are most of our creations perfectly safe for use during pregnancy, but we've got loads of products to help keep skin glowing, refreshed and even soothed...whatever stage you're at.

So, can I use Lush products while pregnant?

If used as intended, Lush products are totally safe to use during pregnancy. We follow a set of guidelines created by the International Fragrance Association to ensure our perfume materials are well within safety levels for cosmetic use, even while pregnant. Most of the warnings that exist around the use of essential oils while pregnant refer to ingesting them or using them directly on the skin—neither of which would apply to our products if they’re used correctly.

There are precautions to take, though, right?

Absolutely! While our products themselves are not harmful, you’ll always want to be mindful about how and when you use them. For example, soaking in the tub with a bath bomb or bubble bar will feel amazing, but don't run the water too hot: keep it to lukewarm or slightly warmer, which won’t drastically raise the internal temperature of your amniotic fluid. And the bigger your belly grows, the more off-balance you might feel, so be sure to take precautions to avoid slipping in the tub, especially if you’ve used a product that has cocoa butter like a bath oil or a body butter. Always talk to your doctor, midwife or other caregiver before using a product you’re unfamiliar with.

Our massage bars are great for a growing belly.

A massage bar is rubbed onto a pregnant belly.

What can I use for avoiding stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by skin literally stretching to accommodate rapid growth or weight change. So, keeping your skin as supple and hydrated as possible will help with its overall elasticity and tone. While genetics and other factors do play their part in stretch marks’ formation and appearance, one of the most highly regarded ingredients for moisturizing a growing belly is cocoa butter.

We use this rich emollient in our best-selling Dream Cream Body Lotion as a nourishing and conditioning moisturizer for delicate skin. Cocoa butter and olive oil combine with softening oat milk, which also calms the redness and itch that are sometimes caused by the stretching of the skin.

Body conditioners are a great way to get some deep hydration as well. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner works its magic in the shower. Made with deeply-moisturizing cocoa butter, and soothing rose absolute this calming body conditioner is sure to be your go-to fave.

If you’re looking for something more solid, then Buffy Body Butter might be just what you need. Rub the bar all over your skin, have a quick rinse, then pat yourself dry. This bar is loaded with fair trade cocoa butter, shea butter and ground almonds for an exfoliating treat.

I've used (insert your favorite Lush product here) for years! Why isn't it working for me now?

Hormonal changes can make your skin and hair look and feel different during pregnancy. A personalized consultation with one of our staff members will help determine what your skin or hair needs right now, even if it’s a little different than your normal routine. Incorporating a fresh face mask, for example, offers skin a medley of fresh, active ingredients to tackle skin’s immediate needs. Some masks are soothing and gentle, while others are scrubby and stimulating, but all of them will enhance that gorgeous pregnancy glow.

Does Lush sell blocks of pure cocoa butter?

We don’t, but have you seen our massage bars? They’re basically that, but better! Made of rich cocoa and shea butters, these solid blocks are also blended with essential oils and other natural skin-loving ingredients. They melt on contact with your warm skin and easily glide over the tummy, arms, legs, and anywhere else you want a bit of moisture. Try our Sleep Massage Bar made with lavender oil to soothe and relax skin before bed or Wiccy Magic Muscles to warm and soothe tired, achy, and swollen areas.

Although fragrances comes down to individual tastes, one of our mildest and most sought-after bars for pregnancy is Therapy. It comes highly recommended to help improve skin’s appearance thanks to its cocoa butter base and the elasticity-building power of neroli essential oil.

Are there any products to avoid?

We don’t recommend avoiding any product in particular, because we recognize that every person and every pregnancy is different. A tingly mint foot lotion might sound like heaven to one, while the thought of having to reach that far might turn another off. It’s ultimately up to your own preferences and level of comfort to decide which products you’d like to use.

What else is popular during pregnancy?

Trouble sleeping? Our range of lavender-scented Sleepy products might be just what you need to wind down and relax.

Changes in hair? Roots Hair Treatment is great for helping fine, thin, or dull hair thanks to ingredients like honey, fresh mint, and citrus oils.

Feeling flushed? Whether it's the middle of summer or you're just feeling a bit warm and uncomfortable, our toner waters are a great way to cool off. Just mist over your face, belly and body. Keep a bottle of Eau Roma Water, Breath of Fresh Air or Tea Tree Water in the fridge or your handbag to give yourself a quick misting when the need strikes. Each one is an exquisite blend of botanical waters and essential oils that are fabulous for the skin and mood. Some people love to use these during the labor process too, as a refreshing and fragrant spritz to cool down from contractions.

For more tips and tricks on finding the perfect products to keep you cool, calm and collected during pregnancy (or at any other time), contact our dedicated Customer Care team.

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