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All about Shampoo Bars

Solid, naked and long-lasting

Our solid shampoo bars have been giving our customers great hair for decades.

Loads of people loyal to liquid shampoo have switched over to our solid alternatives, saving countless plastic bottles and transforming troubled locks into dream hair in the process. And we’re still revolutionizing the shampoo game.

The original solid shampoo

Not so long ago, the idea of a solid shampoo was practically unheard of. When Lush co-founder Mo Constantine and cosmetic chemist Stan Krysztal accidentally created one, they were disappointed at first—they were trying to create a new kind of soap, after all—but this lucky mistake was the first step in creating the mighty shampoo bar, which has gone on to raise the bar in the haircare industry.

What makes a shampoo bar a solid choice?

Taking something that’s traditionally a liquid into a solid, like we’ve done with shampoo bars, results in huge benefits for both the environment and the customer.

Our solid shampoos have entirely eliminated the need for plastic bottles to store or distribute a liquid product, reducing their environmental impact enormously and saving tons of plastic from ever being produced or entering landfills. In fact, because they’re solid and self-contained, our shampoo bars don’t require any packaging at all, and we take pride in selling them naked, without a stitch of wrapping.

These mighty bars may be small, but they’ve got an impressive lathering ability that makes them incredibly long-lasting. Most people only need two to three strokes across their wet hair to get a rich foam going, so each bar lasts about 80 washes—that’s the equivalent of two or three 8 fl oz bottles of liquid shampoo!

Their natural spill-proof nature makes shampoo bars convenient for toting to the gym or throwing in your carry-on bag. And because they’re so compact, you’ll have even more space in your bag than you bargained for.

Jess using Brazilliant Shampoo Bar

Jess using Brazilliant Shampoo Bar

Always innovating

For many years now, the delicate herbal blends in our shampoo bars have been caring for hair and scalps all over the globe. And to the delight of our customers, we're constantly innovating on these creations. For example, shampoo bars like Jason And The Argan Oil and Brazilliant have been formulated with a lower percentage of SLS, the foaming agent that cleans hair but can be drying. These new recipes are made with increased amounts of gentle, moisturizing ingredients like agar agar seaweed gel, vegetable-based glycerin and jojoba oil, and make use of whole, fresh ingredients like organic oranges, olives and lemons for their nutritious properties and beneficial effects on the hair.

Want to join the haircare revolution? Check out our entire range of shampoo bars to find the one that’s perfect for you.