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Banner - Re-inventing the Bath Bomb

Re-inventing the Bath Bomb

Brand new bath bombs mean brand new experiences

Our bath bombs are probably our most iconic creations – they’re as synonymous with Lush as Hubba is to Bubba and they’ve been a fan-favorite since our humble beginnings.

It’s been 20 years since our very first bath bombs made their way into the lives – and bathtubs – of so many Lush fans. Today, however, our inventors are still trying to change the game, creating our newest selection of bath bombs with brighter colors, bolder designs, delightful scents and brand-new experiences so no two baths are ever the same.

Works of art

If bath bomb is your paint, then bath water is your canvas. Our newest bath bombs are packed with mesmerizing colors that, when dropped into your water, will paint a picture in your bath. Swirling, brilliant colors appear creating a visual bath-terpiece that you’ll want to share with everyone. And you can do just that using #bathart.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb paints a sparkling landscape

Integalactic Bath Bomb swirls in the water

Make a spectacle

With a whole lot of sparkle and shine in our new bath bombs, it’ll be fun at first sight the moment they hit the water. Popping candy and sparkling luster each add multi-layered spectacles to transform your entire bathing experience. Take Intergalactic, for example. It brings the cosmos right into your tub with neon colors and constellations that swirl and pop with vibrant lusters shooting across the water. 

Set the mood

Once you’re nestled under colorful waters, inhale deep as a range of scents will fill the room. As always, we find the finest essential oils to create the perfect blend in our bath bombs so every scent is true to its uplifting, refreshing, earthy, soothing or floral nature. They’re made to enhance the mood and complete the entire experience.

With so many new creations and so many new experiences to discover, we’re celebrating every moment in the tub. Share your #bathart with us and the rest of the world on the usual social channels. We can’t wait to see them all!