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The Scent of Creativity

Perfumery at Lush

An abundance of artistic creation exists at Lush. From the formation and manufacturing of products, to our innovative customer service and the events held in our shops—creativity thrives.

Many people come into Lush only to smell products; we are a scented garden among regular shops, a reprieve, a sensory playground that awakens and arouses the senses. We create new fragrances for almost every product we make, and that scent becomes endemic to the product itself. Where else can you sniff out Ugandan Fairtrade vanilla absolute? We’re the only ones using it—in large doses. Where else can you smell the whole spectrum of the world’s finest essential oils that go into our products?

The scents for all our products are made at the Ol’Factory—at one time Lush’s first factory—in a secret location in Poole, Dorset, England. This is where perfumers Simon and Mark Constantine work, and where Simon learned his trade as a perfumer, making scents for products with his father, Mark, who has been doing so for quite some time. Inspired by the work they do for Lush, but wanting to push themselves to the bounds of their creativity in perfumery, they founded Gorilla Perfume as the artistic expression of a perfumer father and his perfumer son using scent as a tool to interpret the world around them.

When Mark Constantine started Lush, he decorated his office with poetry from Rudyard Kipling. Poetry can still be heard, playing on 5.0 speakers in the lab where Simon and Mark work. If it’s not spoken word or poetry, or birdsong for that matter, music floods the secret lab and becomes integral to the creation of certain scents. For instance, with Karma, Mark was inspired by musicians such as Clem Snide, Radiohead and Massive Attack, and wanted to make a creamy, layered scent.

Taking this inspiration from music, we release albums of fragrance, with each perfume a song on that album—that’s why there’s such a great deal of variety in our fine fragrances. Most fragrance houses only launch one perfume every twelve to eighteen months; in the past two years, we’ve released 11. Following the world of art, we release each album through innovative gallery exhibitions open to staff and the public to enjoy and understand each unique fragrance. We also organize secret bus tours, collaborations with musicians, poets, artists and dancers, pop-up shops with sold-out scented cinema events, and continue to seek out truly creative minds and exceptional inspirations to collaborate with. Gorilla flies the flag for fragrance innovation and collaboration—something we’re very proud of.

Both Mark and Simon typically find themselves in a variety of situations within the company, juggling many roles and working with many different people. Gorilla is an outlet for the application of their perfumery scholarship to be manifested as an expression of art. Whether Mark’s making a perfume for his father who abandoned him when he was a child (Dear John), or Simon’s creating one for his daughter (Imogen Rose), their perfumes are profoundly honest and can evoke unexpected feelings when smelling them. Another perfume, Sun, was created as an antidote to dark days, envisioning the sun as a tangerine lollipop, capturing the simple beauty of finding happiness.

Just as each Gorilla Perfume is blended with the finest ingredients, each one of our handmade inventions, from bath bombs to body lotions, contain the same high-quality bespoke perfumes.

Visit your local shop to lose yourself in the scent of creativity, or learn more about our perfume online.