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In-shower Moisturizers

“I can’t believe it’s not lotion”

Even when we’ve only got a quick few minutes in the shower, there’s plenty of opportunity for introducing a bit of luxury to your routine.

Shower smoothies and body conditioners turn regular showers into delicious moments of bliss, leaving skin soft and moisturized and eliminating the need for a body lotion once you’re through.

Body Conditioners

Chock-full of luscious butters and oils, body conditioners will have you stepping out of the shower with gorgeous, hydrated skin. Once your regular shower routine is complete and before you’re ready to step out of the shower and towel off, massage the conditioner over your wet skin. Rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner and you’re done—no need for a body lotion! Deeply nourishing oils and rich, soothing butters work their magic on parched skin and leave it feeling silky without a trace of stickiness. The velvety feeling and heavenly perfumes stick with you long after you’ve dried off, so your skin feels smooth and supple all day long.

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie in use

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie

Shower Smoothies

Creamy and whipped, shower smoothies are made with decadent ingredients like cleansing clays and moisturizing butters, making them quite possibly the most luxurious way to wash up in the shower. Fragrant and full of gorgeous ingredients like sweet almond and coconut oils, aloe vera, and generous helpings of rose, these smoothies can be used just like a shower gel; put a scoop into your loofah and lather up, or simply rub the luxurious soap directly onto your skin, then rinse. You won’t be able to stop rubbing these all over your body, sudsing up in utter bliss. They’re even gentle enough for easily irritated skin, leaving it supremely soft, conditioned and with a subtle, delicate scent.