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We’re all guilty of viewing a shower as a quick and easy way to wash away sleep or sweat. But with new shower products comes a new way to look at showers.

The concept: restore your body and mind

Baths have always been the go-to for unwinding and showers for refreshing—and it makes sense: we lie down for baths, we take our time and revel in the time it takes to enjoy it. We hop in the shower to quickly freshen up for the day. But a new day is dawning; a shower’s potential to be a spa-like uptopia is here.

A luxurious shower doesn’t have to be a long shower. Think luxury, think decadence, think an aromatherapeutic awakening that not only cleanses your body, but transforms your mood—that’s spa showering and it can happen just as fast as your regular routine. By combining a variety of sensory stimulating products, you’ll not only layer yourself in a bouquet of perfumes for a richer, longer-lasting scent, but you’ll be immersed in a steamy blend of mood-altering aromas to awaken your mind.

Shower bombs were designed to take your shower to a whole other level.

Someone using Not Sleepy Shower Bomb

Enter: shower bombs

Just like their bath-fizzing counterparts, these softening bombs awaken in a fizzy explosion of scent and sound; each designed to stimulate a reaction, so you can personalize your shower experience. These pocket-sized fizzers use added seaweed and starches to create a cleansing mousse that can be swept over the body to leave you feeling silky-soft to the touch.

Not Sleepy is a seriously sharp lemon myrtle, neroli and Brazilian orange blend guaranteed to put a zing in your step. And on the opposite end, the cloud-shaped Sleepy encourages peaceful slumbers with its steamy infusion of lavender. The neon orange pyramid Karma exults a zesty celebration of energizing citrus that rejuvenates and grounds the mind without inviting sleep, plus turmeric adds a bit of warmth. Styled as a blue spinning top, Koyaanisqatsi presents an alluring melody of French lavender, ylang ylang and violet leaf to calm and usher in a sense of stillness.

The process: lather up, layer up

To take your spa-like shower to the next level, let’s build a shower routine. There are no hard and fast rules, either. Just layer up your favorite products, ones that cleanse the body and have indulgent aromas to transform your mood.

Oaty Creamy Dreamy has a delicate scent and is packed with skin-softening goodness.

Someone lathering up with Oaty Creamy Dreamy

Start with a super-softener like Oaty Creamy Dreamy. This sudsy incarnation of Dream Cream is imbued with soothing lavender and balancing rose water to calm, while vitamin-packed oat milk cools and replenishes. Lather up and let it soak in a little, using this time to shampoo your locks. When you’re done, rinse away Oaty Creamy Dreamy’s ultra-soothing lather.

Exfoliating your skin encourages a healthy glow and doesn’t have to be a raw and ravaging experience, as our body scrubs and body butters will prove. Cherryish gently exfoliates with ground cherry stones, while almond oil soothes and softens. Plus, its joyful aromas of cherry, marzipan and hot chocolate will fill your bathroom.

Finally, a good dose of moisturizing is in order; slather Ro's Argan Body Conditioner all over skin and let it sink in for a moment. Rose, brazil nut and argan oils enrich, balance and restore skin for a velvety finish, and leaving it kissed with with a beautifully sensual Damask rose fragrance.

After you’ve rinsed off and patted yourself dry, the results should be instantly noticeable with skin that’s softer and smoother. But what’s more impressive is how you’ll feel. By combining and layering beautiful aromas and ingredients you’ll enjoy a deeper, richer, longer-lasting result that’ll stay with you day or night.