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Meet Space Coast Animal Rights


Did you know that roughly 95 percent of live animals given as Easter gifts don’t make it to the age of one?

Charity Pot partner Space Coast Animal Rights is one organization that’s working to change all that. Formed in Melbourne, Florida, Space Coast began with the mission to stand for all animals around the world. Through positive reinforcement and education, they teach locals about the cruelty behind certain practices and what small changes we can all make for animals to make the biggest impact.


Thousands of ducklings, chicks and bunnies are given every year for Easter as gifts. Many, however, are abandoned just a few weeks later left to die after being “set free”, while others wind up in shelters.

After seeing how many animals end up abandoned or left in shelters just a few weeks after joining their new families, Alycia and Matt Corpiel began working on a plan for Space Coast’s #NotJust4Easter campaign in 2015. Through their social media, community outreach, networking, petitioning and the media, #NotJust4Easter helps them raise awareness about the dangers that these animals face every year.

Space Coast Animal Rights is working to to save animals around the world

Space Coast Animal Rights

How you can get involved

Thanks to the work Alycia and Matt have done, it’s easy for anyone to help spread the word in their community and beyond.

Space Coast’s website is packed full of information to help you set up your own community outreach and find ideas on how to host an educational event, organize a protest or a leafleting event, or set up a table with the help of a #NotJust4Easter Coordinator. You can also sign their petition, download outreach materials, attend an event, or get your own swag from the #NotJust4Easter store.

Or, you can pick up a pot of Charity Pot Body Lotion to support Space Coast and other groups like theirs! For every pot purchased, we donate 100 percent of the sales price (minus the taxes) to organizations fighting for human rights, environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Want to learn more about #NotJust4Easter? Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, too!