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Stay Dry This Summer

Don’t melt, stay matte

Sweating up a storm? A handful of absorbent and mattifying products can keep you feeling fresh and dry so you can feel silky, not sticky.

The power of powders

Sweat gets a bad rep, but it’s your body’s natural way of cooling down. And despite what you might think, sweat itself doesn’t stink! It’s the bacteria that can grow in a warm, damp place that makes you smell funky. Our deodorants don’t prevent you from sweating—your body should be free to function the way it’s designed to—but do an excellent job preventing odor by absorbing excess moisture without synthetic preservatives, aluminum or aerosol propellants.

Stop body odor before it begins by patting some of our powdery deodorants on your underarms to stay smooth and dry. They have an absorbent baking soda base that we perfume with beautiful essential oils and luxurious powders. The Greeench blends powdered sage and rosemary with tea tree and thyme oils to leave you with the verdant scent of a summer herb garden. With detoxifying charcoal and a rose-vetivert perfume, The Guv’ner is an odor-busting favorite. If you want a packaging-free option, we’ve got you covered: T’eo is a solid deodorant puck full of fresh green grapes, cleansing tea tree and refreshing juniper berry and lemon.

All-over softness

It’s not just your underarms that get a little sticky in the heat, right? Sprinkling Silky Underwear all over your body can make you feel more comfortable and prevent chafing with smooth cornflour and fine shavings of fair trade organic cocoa butter. It’ll also leave you covered in its subtle yet sensual jasmine perfume.

Dry feet despite the heat

Even in sandals, summer can make your feet sweaty and stinky. A quick shake of a foot powder can turn things around with absorbent and deodorizing kaolin clay and baking soda: just pat some all over your feet, and if you’re going sockless, sprinkle a small amount into your shoes, too. Our classic foot powder T For Toes has a refreshing citrus-herbal blend of lime and tea tree oils.

Keep your face on

Heat and humidity can ruin your makeup, leaving you feeling like a hot mess.. But have no fear, Magical Moringa is here! This gorgeous beauty balm has luxurious argan, moringa and rose hip oils to moisturize your skin. It also absorbs excess oil throughout the day and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup thanks to silky, mattifying cornflour. Just smooth it onto your face to soften skin and reduce shine.