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How to Care for a Sunburn

Tips for prevention and treatment

Summer's here and it's haaat out. If you're like us, most days are spent soaking up the sun’s rays, but before you know it, the sun's kiss can turn into a bite leaving skin sunburned and sensitive. It's time for a little TLC—tender Lush care!

Prevention is the name of the game

A “sunburn” is as literal as it gets. Your skin has been burned by overexposure to the sun’s powerful rays, leaving it dry, red and flaky. More severe burns can blister or contribute to sunstroke, and even worse, repeated damage to skin cells wears them out over time and weakens skin’s elasticity, making it more vulnerable to damage. However, being prepared for unexpected time in the sun can go a long way. If you plan to be outdoors, remember:

• Sunscreen, especially ones that block UVA and UVB rays, is the first defense against the sun’s harsh rays. Available in a variety of formats ranging from lotions to sprays, you’ll want to choose one with SPF 30 or higher.

• Covering up will bulk up your defense, too. Sunglasses with UV protection can help block damaging rays from the eye area. Same goes for the rest of your body; wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head, or a very light long-sleeve shirt to keep those arms covered.

• If you're really sensitive, it’s best to stay indoors midday when the sun is at its most intense. If you can’t avoid it, seek shade when you can or bring a parasol (a fancy name for umbrella) to create your own personal shade.

Cool down sore skin with an ice cold Whoosh and its triple citrus blend

Whoosh Shower Jelly

Nursing a sunburn

Even the most careful suffer from time to time, so what’s a sore body to do?

1. Crack a cold one
Let’s face it; no matter how sore your burn might be, you’ll still need to shower and get clean. Grab your favorite shower jelly and pop it in the fridge or freezer to give your skin a cool down while you shower. Plus, they’re packed with carrageenan extract to leave skin feeling super soft.

2. Get your soak on
Soaking in a cooling summer bath can get the healing process started, and relieve initial discomfort. Add a refreshing bath bomb, like Avobath to your water. Its mashed avocado and lemongrass blend will get to work, creating a skin-soothing utopia that’ll quench and soften dehydrated skin. Other bath bombs that’ll quench and cool parched skin? Ickle Baby Bot, Big Blue and Intergalactic are great places to start!

3. Lock in moisture
When a sunburn strikes, your skin loses moisture, but it’s easy to work it back in. Rich, conditioning products, like Aqua Marina Face And Body Cleanser and Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream each have a calamine base to soothe and hydrate troubled skin. If your skin can handle warmer waters, bathing with our luxurious bath ois or body conditioners will also help lock in moisture and give you some relief.

4. Give new skin some TLC
Peeling skin is usually the last stage of your sunburn and the new skin underneath needs some love. Dream Cream Body Lotion is a lightweight lotion made with soothing, gentle oat milk—an ingredient that’s been used to help restore and nourish skin for hundreds of years. There’s also Cosmetic Lad—a soothing blend of lavender honey, aloe vera and fresh wheatgrass for suffering faces. It helps ease irritation, while giving skin the moisture it needs. The days are still long and the sunshine is calling.