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What are Toners and Steamers?

Sweet steams are made of these

Toning and steaming could really put the zing back into your skin.

What is toner?

Toner water has several functions. The first is to gently remove any excess cleanser and leftover dirt from your skin prior to moisturizing. The second is to help reduce the appearance of pores, which are opened when you exfoliate or cleanse. A third is to help soothe and hydrate your skin after a cleanser.

You can apply a toner directly onto the skin and allow it to sink in, or spritz the water onto a cotton pad and sweep over your face to remove excess cleanser. Either is beneficial – just find your favorite method!

How does steaming differ?

In contrast, steaming is a deeply cleansing process, which opens pores to deliver oxygen deep into the pores and aid the removal of dirt. Cover your head with a towel and lean over a bowl of hot water, infused with herbs or essential oils, inhaling deeply, for five to ten minutes. You don’t need to steam as regularly as you tone: as often as once a week may be enough for drier complexions, while oilier skins can use this method every few days.

What kind of skin will toning and steaming benefit?

In a word: all. These products have different functions and can bring a great deal of good to your skincare regime.

Due to the increased use of alcohol in many toners, they are (understandably) increasingly regarded as a product for oily skin. Yet, with the right ingredients, a toner is highly beneficial for dry complexions and was in fact first designed with hydration in mind. Whatever the packaging says, looking at the ingredients is always crucial to be sure it’s right for your skin. No two complexions are the same, yet we’re constantly given products simply for 'dry' or 'combination' skin. Get to know which ingredients your skin responds to best by looking at the label on your favorite facial moisturizer or cleanser and using these as a guide.

A deep steam clean will also benefit all skin types, although the herbal blends you choose and regularity of your steaming should be catered to the balance of your skin. Those with oilier complexions or breakouts will benefit from steaming for around five minutes, two or three times a week, in order to remove dirt blockages from the skin and treat hard to reach areas. Citrusy oils such as grapefruit or lemon will deliver antiseptic action, while our old favorite, tea tree, has a wonderfully neutralizing effect on troubled areas!

Dry or mature skin will also love the brightening effects of a steam, but tend not to need as much of a regular deep clean. This is because the process of desquamation (the shedding of dead skin cells) tends to be a little slower in dryer complexions, leading to fewer blockages in the pores. Moisture is important here, and oils such as rose, lavender and chamomile will nourish delicate skin while you cleanse.

As with anything, balance is key. If you’re steaming regularly, ensure you’re using a balanced blend of gentle ingredients to really care for your skin and see the best results.

Spray a little onto a cotton pad to wipe away dirt and grime

Tea Tree Water being sprayed onto a cotton pad

Get started

Having spent years perfecting our beautiful toner waters and steamer tabs to contain nourishing blends of balancing ingredients, we’re firmly against the ‘one size fits all’ mentality of the beauty industry. Everyone’s skin is unique and we believe it’s important to make products, which will work with your complexion, not against it. When picking your toner, think about how you want your skin to feel and find the right blend for you.

Tea Tree Toner uses naturally cleansing ingredients to treat troubled skin gently but effectively. This nutritious and healing blend of tea tree and grapefruit oils will leave your skin feeling matte and refreshed – perfect for when you’re craving that squeaky clean feeling.

If, instead, you want to treat your complexion to a dose of clarity and some gentle hydration, try Eau Roma Water. We combine rose and lavender oils together to reduce inflammation without drying out your complexion, making this balancing toner wonderfully gentle and excellent at reducing redness or irritation.

Our final toner water harnesses all the refreshing power of the ocean. Breath Of Fresh Air contains nourishing carrageenan seaweed and rose absolute to even out your complexion, while patchouli provides astringent action to blocked pores. The perfect option to leave your skin bright and silky smooth.

When treating yourself to a steaming session, try one of our toner tabs. These little tablets are made with beautifying essential oils to refresh skin and mind. The remaining water can be carefully poured into a bottle and stored in the fridge for a week.

Our Dream Steam Toner Tab contains rose and chamomile blue to soothe angry skin, while tea tree oil works away at cleaning it up. This tab is a great all-rounder and calms your complexion while you deeply cleanse.

Tea Tree Tab is an uplifting, zesty option, made with antiseptic ingredients for a thorough cleanse. Place your trust in tea tree and organic aloe vera oils to treat distressed skin and remove excess oil for a healthier complexion.

Why not treat yourself to a steamy session tonight?