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The Art of Massage

Put your back into it

Who doesn’t love a great massage?

There’s just something about luxuriating with a partner—no phones, no computers. Just two people enjoying each other’s company for a couple of hours while engaging in the intimate act of...massage.

Massages may typically be viewed as a one-time, special-night-only treat, but studies show that a soft, sensuous massage with your partner might just be what the doctor ordered. It can help improve sleep, ease sore muscles, boost your mood, reduce stress, and help you and your partner enjoy an evening of intimate connection.

Not a massage-giving pro? We can help.


Our naked massage bars were made for lovers. Each one starts off with a mega moisturizing base of shea butter and fair trade organic cocoa butter to ensure that they’ll melt the moment they touch your warm skin. They’re perfect for working out tension and sore spots and they give you a reason for a little intimate time.


Knowing that our naked massage bars are made for melt-y good times, choosing one is the hardest part.

If you want to relax sore muscles, look for something with a bit of spice. Wiccy Magic Muscles has a dose of icy-hot peppermint and cinnamon leaf oils along with real aduki beans for extra stimulation. Or try Hottie with its black pepper and ginger oil blend that delivers a warm effect—plus, its built-in bumps work like magic fingers to help work out those tough knots without tiring out your hand.

Skin and mood got you down? A little Therapy is in order. This calming yet uplifting sweet orange, neroli and lavender massage bar is 100% natural and certified organic with a delicate scent that’ll have you feeling better in no time. Or unwind before bed with Sleep. It features our dreamy lavender-tonka scent that’s unleashed the moment you start using it for a blissful massage that’ll help you sink deep into bed when you’re done.

A Wiccy Magic Muscles massage soothes sore muscles.

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If you’re in need of something to create the perfect romantic mood, look no further than our naked massage bars with luscious, sensual scents that’ll linger on the skin. For sweet and delicate moments, try Soft Coeur. It has real honey and cocoa powder in its center for that confection connection. Prefer something a little more exhilarating? Each Peach is full of energizing citrus oils like lime, sweet wild orange, Sicilian red mandarin and grapefruit to perk things up in the bedroom or the living room.


Start at the top, shoulders and arms, and slowly work your way down the back as the massage bar’s butters melt onto the skin, hands gliding smoothly. Set the unused portion of the bar aside to use later, and get those hands working. Knead the muscles, rubbing out any kinks or knots you find. Try to keep your hands on their body the entire time to stay connected and keep your partner entirely relaxed.


Gently press your fingers up and widen them across the base of the scalp, rub around your partner’s ears, gently pulling the earlobes. Massage the jaw, while reminding them to breathe deeply to help release the tension in their face and body. Rub down the neck to their shoulders and lower back, arms, hands. Massage the buttocks and legs right down to the feet, and rub the arch of the foot, heel, and tips of the toes. Work your way back up.


It’s important to take the time to connect with your partner's body, and really feel with your fingers where the tension is kept. If they moan when you get to a certain part, spend a little extra time working on that spot. Ask them where they want your hands to go and enjoy the moment. This is your time for luxuriating in each other’s bodies and going slow will make everyone feel relaxed and at ease. Once you’re done, switch roles, because two massages are definitely better than one. And don’t forget: practice, practice, practice! You can also follow our easy steps on how to use our message bars.

Want more tips on picking out the perfect massage bar? Reach out to our dedicated Customer Care team or book a personalized, virtual consultation to learn more about our body products.