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Vegan Alternatives in the Kitchen

A quick and easy guide

How do you replace yogurt, cheese and eggs with vegan alternatives?

At Lush, everything we make is 100 percent vegetarian, but what you might not know is that around 80 percent of our products are vegan, too. We strive to provide a vegan product option wherever possible. There are so many fabulous cruelty-free ingredients out there that our vegan products are just as fizzy, hydrating and nourishing as their vegetarian counterparts. And if you’re looking to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan in your own kitchen, take it from us: not only is it possible, it’s super easy!

One thing to note: experimenting is key. When you start subbing in vegan ingredients, it might not work perfectly the first time, but keep trying and it’ll work out.

1. Milk

Today, finding different varieties of plant-based milks on your grocery shelves is as easy as finding different types of candy. And the best part? In any recipe, you can replace cow’s milk with any soy, almond, rice, oat or hemp milk you like! And for coffee, there are a few non-dairy coffee creamers or simply sub in coconut milk (the stuff from the can works best) to give your coffee a vegan hit of creamy goodness.

2. Eggs

Tofu is a great egg substitute for your morning breakfast. Google a recipe for tofu scramble—there are usually plenty of great-tasting ones to choose from. In your baking, eggs can be subbed out in favor of flaxseed, avocados, mashed bananas or, you guessed it, tofu. Eggs usually act as a binder in baking and any of the above vegan options should work like a dream.

3. Honey

If you’re looking for something to sweeten up your foods and drinks, there are plenty of liquid sweeteners that can take the place of honey. Maple and agave syrups are usually the easiest to find in your local supermarket, but corn, malt and brown rice syrups, as well as light and dark molasses are all great options, too. One thing to note is that they’ll all vary in their sweetness, so you might want to try out a few and see which suits you best.

4. Sugar

Wait, sugar isn’t vegan? It’s true: some white, refined sugars are filtered using bone char. Check with your manufacturer to find out whether yours is vegan. If you want to avoid it altogether, agave syrup is an easy vegan alternative that’ll give you the same sweetness for all your baked goods.

5. Cheese

Good vegan cheese is out there, we swear. From shredded deliciousness to blocks of solid, cheesy-tasting goodness, there are plenty of alternatives to dairy cheese. Looking to replace the parmesan in your pasta dishes? Try nutritional yeast. Made from sugarcane and beet molasses, this yummy substitute can be sprinkled onto your pasta dishes or even made into a creamy cheesy sauce for mac ‘n’ cheese.

What are your fave vegan alternatives? Let us know in the comments!