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Welcome to Lush Oxford Street

The world's largest Lush shop

When the world’s largest Lush shop opened its doors on April 24, 2015, an incredible display of innovative products was revealed to shoppers on Europe’s busiest shopping street. With more than 8,800 square feet to explore, Oxford Street is unlike any other Lush shop in the world.

It stands three stories tall amidst the hustle and bustle of London’s High Street in Oxford Circus, and opened exactly twenty years after the very first Lush shop appeared in the seaside town of Poole, UK. The new store answers a question posed by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine as he reflected upon the last two decades: “What haven’t we tried?” We’ve been inventing (and reinventing) the bathing experience, reimagining classic cosmetics, and filling the world with perfume for a long time now. This latest burst of creativity has resulted in the more than 200 brand new products in our flagship location, and shows that there’s still new, innovative ground to cover in the cosmetics industry.

Smell, touch, play

A visit to Lush Oxford Street is like falling down a rabbit hole of colorful, fragrant delights the cosmetics industry – and Lush fans alike – have never seen. Every product range we carry, from haircare and bath to skincare and makeup, has been expanded. An explosion of vibrant color, gorgeous scents and floor-to-ceiling displays of new products greet you on the main level. Massive rainbow-colored soaps are stacked high, giant bottles of shower creams line the reclaimed wood counters, and tubes of bold-hued lipstick wait to be tried in the antique-looking glass. Oversized sinks invite you to touch, smell and play with all the new inventions. Visitors can even try a hair treatment or shampoo right in the Hair Lab, an in-store space with a salon chair and a sink for complete product demonstrations.

Inside the front door of Lush Oxford Street in London, UK.

Lush's largest ever shop is open on Oxford Street in London

Escape to another world

Descending the central staircase immerses you in a world of fine fragrances, massage and music. Block out the world for a moment with one of our Lush Spa soundtracks, or sample a selection of artists signed to our music labels at the Listening Station. Step through the hidden door to the interactive Gorilla Perfume gallery and experience perfume in an entirely new way. And before you go, visit the Spa and surrender your mind, body and spirit to three hours of pure bliss with the new treatment, The Planets.

Bathing beauties

Upstairs holds a bath lover’s paradise – every fragrant, fizzing creation you could possibly imagine is piled high to delight your senses. Compact spheres of bath oils may look like bonbons, but are actually full of rich butters and essentials oils that paint your bath water with swirls of color and fragrance. Unique gifts and Knot-Wraps of every imaginable design sit opposite, each one holding a carefully selected collection of Lush products.

For now, most of these delights are only available at Oxford Street, but soon many of them will make their North American debut. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to.

New Makeup

New colors and new formats are just the beginning when it comes to the reimagined makeup line. Striking hues presented in bold combinations will give you the palette you need to express yourself, regardless of how you are feeling. And like all Lush products, the entire range is cruelty-free.

Solid Hair Treatments

Deeply nourishing pre-wash treatments will restore your crowning glory and make it shine like never before. Whip up your own hair treatment by melting the solid oils and butters in hot water for an infusion of olive oil that will condition even the most unruly heads of hair.

Cold-Pressed Soaps

Coconut oil and herbal infusions are the center of attention in these hand-pressed bars of washing goodness. Each of the soft-textured soaps contains loads of sustainably sourced ingredients to cleanse and refresh your skin.

New products are arriving all the time at Oxford Street, and will make their way across the globe to a shop near you in the coming months.