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What’s the Lush Summit?

Do you find the world an unsettling place these days?

Whatever you care about, the Summit’s the place to make it count. On the 14th and 15th of February 2018, you’re invited to sit in on a hotbed of discussion, debate, activism and action, from campaigners and grassroots voices across the globe – and you can follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram or live on the Lush Player!

A full Lush Player schedule will be revealed on February 13, but keep an eye on our channels for sneak peeks into the world class speakers and activists that are soon to grace the screens of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Hear, see and explore issues including reversing climate change, forest protection, animal rights, illegal hunting, gender equality, indigenous rights and much more. Every speaker and guest is actively involved in affecting change in your community right now. If your voice hasn’t been heard before, then learn how you can make it heard.

Don’t expect the ordinary

You’ve heard the saying, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, but sometimes the small stuff is just as important when it comes to making change. That’s why you’ll find grassroots organizations and charities nestled amongst bigger, global campaigners at the Lush Summit.

It’s a chance for cross pollination of ideas and solutions to some of the issues facing us in 2018. Across the venue there will be themed rooms that offer passionate and inspiring talks, panel debates and experiences for you to explore, all from the comfort of your living room.

The Human Rights Space

Peace and love aren’t talked about enough nowadays, but they’re essential to tackling the human rights issues we face today.

This Valentine’s Day, meet a selection of international groups that have received Charity Pot funding over the past 12 months, and explore what peace and love truly mean in 2018 through immersive and powerful exhibits, music and discussions on pressing issues facing people across the globe.

The Migration and Disaster Space

Step into a haven of empathy and humanity. In the Migration and Disaster Space, explore and meet groups and projects that are changing the lives of those who have experienced great difficulties through migration and disaster.

Too often, we’re exposed to negative media surrounding these topics, and this can lead to desensitization and disconnection. We’re all humans who share one planet. Let’s switch the focus and celebrate the positive work of the people and groups who are making change every day. Learn more about how you too can contribute by inspiring others to refocus their mentality.

The Environment Space

Environmental issues increasingly look set to determine our present and future. Explore a range of pressing environmental issues, including climate change, food production and waste, nuclear energy, mining, deforestation, and so much more.

Tune in to inspiring groups and individuals at the forefront of the fight to protect the planet we live on, and learn how Lush ingredients can impact and benefit both the environment and its inhabitants – us.

The Digital Ethics Space

Ever thought about where the device in your pocket comes from? Like really comes from? The human beings who mined the materials and the wars funded by conflict minerals? The factory workers who piece together the technology? The sprawling waste dumps where phones go to die? And what about the alternative future? It’s just within reach. The Digital Ethics Space will explore all this and more, including the decentralization of the internet (Blockchain) and digital rights.

The Queer Space

Come out, whoever you are, whoever you love. Join us to enjoy the ambiance of this relaxed exhibition space exploring LGBTQ2+ rights and wrongs around the world. Be inspired by campaigners and communities fighting for equality across the globe, and learn more about LGBTQ2+ culture from the Record and Book Nook.

The Cotton and Paper Space

Cotton and Paper, two ingredients you use every day but rarely think about. Take a walk through organic cotton and paper supply chains to learn more about their true value. ‘Follow the Thread’ and ‘Paper Trail’ installations will take you on a journey across continents, through fields, factories and right back to your recycling bin. Meet the skilled artisans behind the Lush swag and gift wrapping that you love, and find out about the beautiful, regenerative materials that they use. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover clever ways to cut down on waste and recycle more.

The Oceans Space

When it comes to saving our seas, there’s an ocean of possibility. From talks by defenders of the deep blue to installations and galleries that show the impact of issues such as plastic pollution, overfishing, climate change and the warming oceans, there’s so much to learn.

Dive into this this interactive area and discover how you can make a difference. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the deep water, you’ll end your oceanic journey in a reflective area, where you can breathe deep and take a moment to reflect on the value of our oceans.

The Conservation Space

The relationship between people and nature is more important than ever. Join, meet, discuss and engage with campaigners and conservationists who are fighting hard to make our natural world a better place.

Mass migrations are taking place across the planet by both humans and wildlife. However, while some are welcomed and move freely of their own accord, others are rejected and simply have no choice.

Illegal and devastating environmental actions are causing great damage to our natural heritage. Winning this battle relies solely on those making positive change by highlighting and publicly bringing these issues to the table, thinking of environmentally-friendly alternatives while often fighting on the front line of conservation.

The Fighting Animal Testing Space

Animal testing is still happening. Discover the campaigners and organizations fighting to find solutions and end animal testing for good. Learn more about Humane Society International and legislative change, as well as some of the work the Lush Prize has funded in this engaging exhibition space.

The How We Test Space

Fighting animal testing isn’t just about the animals; it’s also about finding reliable, safe and humane ways to test products and ensure they won’t harm the humans who use them or the planet. Step inside this space to discover what in-house testing goes on behind the scenes, as well as more about Lush’s non-animal testing policy.

You’ll have the chance to experience what being a human tester involves, as well as learn some of the science that’s needed to make your favorites safe. Find out why animal testing is still happening, and why it’s not only cruel, but also unnecessary.

The Cork Space

You might have only thought about cork while opening a bottle of wine, but the material has far more potential than that. Discover the opportunities this organic, regenerative wood has as an alternative for materials like plastic and aluminium as you discover this engaging space.

Be inspired by Eco Interventions, a collective dedicated to regenerative practices, and learn how our buying and design teams worked with them to develop an innovative new holder for shampoo bars – you might even get a chance to see one being made!

The Animal Protection Space

Animals are voiceless and the ways they’re used and suffer are unseen. No animal ever tunnels out of a vivisection laboratory, a factory farm or an abattoir to alert the world to the horrors going on within. The only reason we know the details of what happens to animals is because for decades dedicated people have searched for the facts and found ways to put themselves into the space where animal use is happening. Whether that’s Hunt Sabs out in the fields, people going undercover to take jobs in vivisection laboratories or teams placing covert cameras to capture evidence – they all share the same goal: to shine a light onto the hidden use of animals. The work of all the people in this room gives voice to the unheard and directs the eyes of the public to the unseen.

Ready for change? Keep an eye on our channels for more info on how to watch the event live on Facebook, Instagram or live on the Lush Player!.