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Banner - What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do?

That’s a question that Janine, one of our muses for our sweet, citrus-floral perfume, likes to ask herself.

“What would you do if you were coming from a loving place, in any situation? I think it’s nice sometimes to pause and ask yourself that question before you react to something.”

It’s a question that undeniably incites positivity, so Janine decided to start leaving little notes with the message—in airports, on car windshields, in menus at restaurants—all over the world. Always anonymous, she would leave them in the hope that the right person would find it at the right time and interpret it in a way that was right for them…and then maybe pass it on to someone else. It wasn’t about getting a response or knowing who would find it, but trusting that it’s going to make someone in the world smile.

This is what Janine thinks love would do. What about you? #whatwouldlovedo

“What would love do?

“Imagine if you paused and asked yourself this question on a weekly basis, a daily basis or even a minute to minute basis.

“Would you make better choices? Would you be kinder to yourself and others? Would your relationships thrive? Would your health improve? Would you gradually become the change you wish to see in the world?

“Now imagine if we all began to ask ourselves this question.

“Because if we were thinking about what love would do instead of allowing what ego, fear, greed, possessiveness, anger, resentment, complacency or envy would do in any given situation...wouldn't things be better and wouldn't we all become happier?

“Love would strive to make a difference.

“A difference to the world around you and also to yourself. You have to start with you.

“What love would do is forgive. We've all made mistakes. Some more so than others. Forgive yourself. There was a valuable lesson. Take it. Grow from it. Don't repeat the mistake. Say sorry, mean it and let it go.

“Become your greatest version. Shine your light. Be kind to yourself. Pick yourself up when you get knocked down. Eat good food. Share your ideas, what you have and what you love. Dress how you want to dress. Speak your truth, even if it's not popular. That's what self-love does.

“The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for all other relationships you have. Learn to be the love of your life first. Take yourself on dates. Buy yourself flowers. Get into nature.

“Love would be compassionate towards others. Forgive them too. Don't punish them. Everyone is doing the best they can.

“Love would say thank you.

“Love would have the courage to say no.

“What would love do? Love would be kind and love would be present. Love would put the phone on the table, look up and listen.

“Love would laugh.

“Love would share smiles with strangers.

“Love would set personal boundaries and let others be free.

“Love would love all the little things. The little things are love. Love would remember that we are all connected.

“Love hugs. A lot.” -Janine