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What’s a Shower Bomb?

A luxurious, fizzing treat for the shower

Who needs a bathtub when your shower is the perfect place to unwind?

What’s a shower bomb?

Just like their bath-foaming counterparts, these softening bombs awaken in a fizzy explosion of scent and sound; each one is meant to stimulate a reaction, so you can create a spa-like utopia right in your shower. These pocket-sized fizzers are also packed with seaweed or vegetable starches to help create a cleansing mousse you sweep over your body, leaving skin silky-soft.

Meet our shower bombs


The moment the water hits Sleepy, it’ll help you wind down with a steamy infusion of soothing lavender, balancing ylang ylang and comforting tonka. Take a deep breath and the essential oils’ aroma will envelop you in a cloud of scent so you can begin to wind down. Scoop up the foam and enjoy the sensation of fine oatmeal on your skin, readying you for peaceful slumbers.

Who needs a bathtub? Shower bombs offer a bath bomb experience, while you cleanse!

A closeup of an arm as someone uses the shower bomb foam to cleanse skin.

Not Sleepy

On the other end of the spectrum, Not Sleepy will banish sluggish moods. As it expands under the water, an energizing punch of Sicilian lemon, lime, Brazilian orange, lemongrass and neroli will send that funky mood straight into a world of feel-good shower vibes. Use the foam to cleanse and let the ground white rice gently polish leaving you feeling empowered from head to toe.

Comfort Zone

When you’re looking for a little escape from the everyday, find your Comfort Zone. Once your shower’s water hits this pink fizzer, it melts into foamy froth that smells like sweet berries. Chia seeds help to create a softening gel, so it feels luxurious and soft as you work it across your skin.

The best part about shower bombs made in Canada s that they’re super easy to use. Check out the entire collection of shower bombs and shower products, and discover a new way to shower. Visit your local shop to meet them all and give ‘em a try!

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