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Why We Discontinue Products

Wave goodbye, say hello!

It’s a word loyal Lushies have come to dread: discontinuations.

Discovering your favorite bath bomb or moisturizer will soon cease to exist is never a nice feeling—we understand, because we get attached to products too! So you may be left wondering: why do we do it?

Our products are created by our very own team of inventors who are always innovating. By continually experimenting and pushing the boundaries of the cosmetics industry, they craft new and exciting experiences for the tub and beyond. Without this constant innovation, we wouldn’t have some of our most-loved products today, like our solid and packaging-free massage bars and our softening, always-entertaining shower jellies.

A quick title like, Dream Cream Hand And Body Lotion

As our inventors create products that are more effective, more eco-friendly or more enjoyable for our customers, we need to make room for these new inventions on our shop shelves. So although discontinuations are always a little sad, they ultimately result in waves of innovative, creative products that will become your new favorites.

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