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How to use co-wash

Reveal amazing, moisturized and clean curls

Co-washing hair refers to cleansing hair with a conditioner as an alternative to shampoo. It's an effective way to cleanse without stripping the hair of natural oils—and has become quite popular these past years, especially for curly hair types. This new (yet practically ancient) method has proven to work wonders for textured, mixed-textured, curly, coily or extremely dry hair because it helps maintain the natural moisture levels, so it can grow healthier and more resilient.

Step by step
Soak your hair with water
1 Hop in the shower and fully soak your hair with warm water. Using fingers or a wide-tooth comb, separate hair to get the product on the scalp easier.
Lather up and massage
2 Take the bar and swipe it across the scalp several times to get some lather going, then set it down and use your hands to massage the scalp, adding a little more product where needed.
Rinse thoroughly
3 Rinse off with warm water, making sure there's no product left on the scalp or hair.
Apply conditioner
4 Follow with your favorite conditioner, applying liberally and letting it sit for a few minutes while combing through the curls. Then rinse again and dry.
Lock in moisture and style
5 Maximize moisture retention with a leave-in conditioner like Super Milk, a hair and scalp oil like Renee’s Shea Souffle, and a cream like Curl Power or Revive. Layer and play to suit your hair and your desired style!
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