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How to use conditioner bars

Swipe for gorgeous hair

Solid alternatives to their traditional counterparts, our ethical pressed conditioner bars are a zero waste solution for soft, silky hair. From taming dry or frizzy ends to livening up limp locks, they're packed with gorgeous ingredients that'll give hair the shine, volume, moisture or love that it needs. And when you run out, there's no wasteful packaging to send to landfills.

Step by step
Wet your hair
1 Hop in the shower and either wet your hair or wash then rinse.
Wet conditioner, work through hair
2 Hold your pressed conditioner under warm water for a moment as you work between your hands to create a creamy lather or use directly onto hair. Massage through wet hair, adding more product as needed.
Rinse clean
3 Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes before rinsing clean with warm water. Be sure to massage any remaining product away from your scalp and hair.
For long-lasting results, set your conditioner bar aside to dry (and where it won't get wet). Once it's fully dry, pop it into a sealed container to keep safe for next time or take with you anywhere.

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