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How to use leave-in conditioner

For mega-moisturizing power

A leave-in conditioner is exactly how it sounds: it’s a conditioner you use on dry or freshly washed hair that you simply don’t wash out. It’s perfect for just about every hair type—curls, coils, textured, straight or color-treated—that's dry, damaged or in need of some mega-moisturizing. Use it once a week or more frequently to suit your hair needs.

Step by step
Wash or wet hair
1 Hop in the shower and wash your hair as you normally would. Or skip to step 3 to begin using your leave-in conditioner on damp or even dry hair.
Gently dry hair
2 Gently dry your hair, leaving it damp and not wet.
Work leave-in onto hair
3 Spritz your favorite leave-in conditioner directly onto your hair or into the palm of your hands.
Smooth from top to tip
4 Work into hair, massaging your scalp in the process, and ensuring you smooth it through each strand from top to tip.
Style as usual
5 Style your hair as you normally would.
If you're doing the LOC method, follow with an oil like Renee's Shea Souffle Hair & Scalp Oil and Curl Power Hair Cream to maximize lasting moisture. Play with the amount used and the layering of products to get the perfect fit for you.

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