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How to Use Shower Jelly

Wobble your way to clean

Lots of people assume that our jellies get their wobble from gelatin, but our (not-so) secret ingredient is carrageenan, which comes from seaweed. It’s full of minerals, so your skin will be extra soft after you’ve washed up.

Step by step
Wet jelly and lather up
1 Grab the entire block of jelly, get it wet and work up a lather between your hands like you would with a bar of soap.
2 Rub the jelly and skin-softening lather all over your body, cleansing from head to toe.
Rinse HTU 3.jpg
3 Pop your jelly back into its pot, rinse, and you’re done!
Keep your jelly in the fridge or freezer before showering for an invigorating lather.

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