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Whether you’re working out or it’s just an uncomfortably warm day, sweat happens and back in the day, dusting powders were how to tackle that moisture.

It may not be pretty, but sweat doesn’t mean to harm us. In fact, it’s doing its best eliminate toxins and regulate our inner thermometers. It’s actually a genetic feat that we sweat—many species don’t have sweat glands (it’s why pigs roll in the mud and why elephants flap their ears) to help them keep their cool when the temperature rises. However, as great as it is to be able to sweat, we’re only human and we understand wanting to feel dry and soft all day long.

Sweating the small stuff

Perspiration is a mix of water, sodium and potassium that’s carried out of our bodies. We have over two million sweat glands, and the ones in areas covered by hair can excrete other bodily by-products, as well. When this mix of liquids is carried to the surface, moisture happens. Anytime you work out or heat up, or are struck with nerves or anxiety, this process kicks in.

The moment you begin to break a sweat, you might only consider swiping or dusting deodorant onto your ‘pits to feel fresh, but underneath your arms isn’t the only place you’ll be affected. And for the rest of your body, you might find that rubbing deodorant bars all over your body isn’t exactly ideal.

Work your dusting powder onto skin to keep it soft, dry and fresh

Dust powder onto skin

Hello, dusting powders!

Made with powders like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), charcoal, and other absorbers like magnesium trisilicate or magnesium carbonate, our dusting powders will help blot up excess moisture anywhere on your body. These microfine powders absorb sweat and smooth your skin while essential oils and herbs knock out the effects of bacteria, making you smell delightfully fresh.

A powder like Silky Underwear is a light fragrance that will keep things fresh. It’s packed with grated cocoa butter to help it melt onto your skin for a silky sensation, while corn starch and kaolin powders absorb any moisture. Use it in your armpits, like your usual deodorant, or sprinkle it in your hair and lightly dust it all over your whole body for a satiny finish. You can even sprinkle this one inside bedsheets, shoes or suitcases between trips to give everything around your home and delicate jasmine and vetivert scent.

Feet need love, too

T For Toes and Twinkle Toes Foot Powders will help keep your tootsies fresh and dry. Twinkle Toes is loaded with cleansing bay oil and benzoin resinoid to ward off offensive odors, and T For Toes features powerful kaolin powder, as well as tea tree and lime essential oils to soak up moisture and keep things fresh. Sprinkle them right into your shoes or directly onto your feet for serious deodorizing power that will carry you through the day.

Whatever your sweat factor is, there’s a dusting powder that can take it on, and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy throughout your day. Visit your local Lush shop to try them out or give our customer care team a call at 1-888-733-5874 to learn more.

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Products featured in this article:

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