How to Choose Your Shower Jelly

It must be jelly (‘cause jam don’t shake like that)
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Fun and floppity, squishy and softening, shower jellies are our jam.

Made with mineral-rich carrageenan to give them their wobble, our shower jellies nourish and moisturize the skin. Each one has its own beautiful blend of essential oils, fruit infusions and fresh ingredients to fill your shower with fragrance and leave skin smelling delicious. There are lots of ways to enjoy our jigglers: squish them into a shower pouf for a rich lather, chop them up into single-wash cubes or get up close and personal with the whole jelly at once.

Hot and cold never felt so good

This may sound crazy, but hear us out: a shower jelly that’s been chilled in the fridge or freezer feels phenomenal in a steamy shower. In fact, alternating hot and cold while washing is a practice that spans cultures from Scandinavia to Japan. Hot water is fantastic at opening your pores to clean them out, but it can also strip the skin of its natural oils. A rush of cold in the form of a chilled jelly will refresh the skin, and the contrast in temperatures creates a powerful blend of ice and fire to leave you energized and clean. Who knew that a cold jelly would be such a refreshing way to shake up your morning routine?

Choosing your shower jelly

All of our jellies will gently cleanse your skin while making it lovely and soft, and each one has been carefully formulated with essential oils and fresh ingredients to have a specific effect.

Wake up, sleepyhead: Two of our jellies are full of zingy citrus to start your day racing in the right direction. Whoosh’s blend of cleansing fresh organic lemon, grapefruit and lime juices offers an intensely citrusy wake-up call, while Refresher is packed with fresh organic lemon infusion and lemon oil to cleanse skin and refresh your mind.

Ease your aches: Hit the gym a bit too hard (or just hard enough)? Our ruby-hued 93,000 Miles feels amazing on achy muscles. If you’ve overworked your bod or just had a long day, an invigorating mix of eucalyptus, cinnamon leaf and peppermint will ease your pain and get you ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Feel the forest: There’s a Japanese tradition of walking through the forest for relaxation and health benefits called shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. While a leisurely stroll through verdant groves sounds lovely, we can’t all escape into the forest everyday. Thankfully, Needles and Pines has a refreshingly green scent, with cedarwood oil and an infusion of cypress leaves and pine needles to bring the scent of the woods into your shower.

Still need a hand choosing the perfect shower jelly? Visit your local shop or call our customer care team at 1-888-733-5874.

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