How to use Your Knot-wrap

Learn 3 easy wrapping techniques
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There's no doubt about it: tearing open a gift fills us with excitement and anticipation that embodies the holiday season. But then all that wrapping paper is simply thrown away, and that's not very warm and fuzzy at all.

Enter knot-waps: based on the traditional Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric (called furoshiki), they can be reused dozens of ways even after you’ve given a gift. Simply choose a few items you'd like to gift, pick a knot-wrap they'll love, and wrap away. You're left with a personalized gift without any single-use wrapping—it's a win-win.

Let's get wrapping!

The parcel

This technique is best for boxed items or a few potted products. You can even wrap up your lunch to go! The best wraps for this style are larger knot-wraps that are 27 inches squared or bigger, depending on what you’re wrapping up.

Single bath bomb

This wrapping style is perfect for a single bath bomb, bubble bar or a new Christmas tree ornament. Smaller knot-wraps around 19 inches squared work best for this technique.

Single pot

When you’ve got a single pot, or a few smaller items like lip scrubs to wrap up, the single pot method is ideal. Any size knot-wrap that will fit your gift will work for this wrapping style, so take your pick!

Wanna learn more knot-wrapping techniques? Visit your local shop and ask a friendly staff member to teach you the art of knot-wrapping!

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