Go Green for Halloween

Trash-free treats for every boy and ghoul
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This year, aim for a spooky and sustainable good time with these seasonal tips and tricks for a waste-free Halloween party.

There’s nothing scarier than the amount of plastic, cardboard, goo and grime left over after most parties—plastic cups, store-bought costumes and disposable decorations can clutter up an otherwise good time. So, whether you’re hosting or attending a fright night festivity this year, we have some tips and tricks on making it gloriously green.

Biodegradable decorations

Instead of paper bats, plastic cauldrons, and cardboard skeletons that rarely survive a single season, why not stick to the classic? Jack-o-lanterns can be a party if you host a carving competition. All participants need is a pumpkin, a good knife, and a big spoon.

With all the different designs and flickering lights, you’ll have a much cooler and more personal array of ornaments on the day.

Plus, pumpkin guts and seeds can be transformed into snacks or easily composted. Throw in a good soy candle and you’ve got yourself a waste-free party favor that literally melts away with time.

Several of our seasonal Halloween products can double as delightful decorations, too! Jazz up the house with these cute critters and then hoard them for your own bathing needs when everyone leaves.

Place Eyeball Bath Bomb in inconspicuous corners of the house or decorate your place with our packaging-and-guts-free Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. This glittering bubbler is back for the season and ready to hop in the tub when you are. And for a twist on the traditional, blindfold guests and dare them to stick their hands in a cauldron of Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb for an ooey, gooey touch. Our limited-edition Knot-Wraps can also double as small tablecloths or runners and can be used again and again in a few waste-free ways.

Brew up a bath of gourd-geous bubbles

A hand holding a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar under a tap

Customizable costumes

There’s nothing fun or creative about buying a last-minute costume off a bare rack at your local store. Plan ahead: raid your closet and local thrift store, and you’ll have a truly unique getup that’ll be the envy of every other guest.

A few ways to do that could be:

Jeans, a white t-shirt, a supersoaker and a backwards purple blazer? You’ve got the perfect Hank Scorpio ready to go.

An oversized t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and your favorite set of sneakers just need a big yellow price tag with your name on it to become a quick and easy Price is Right contestant costume.

And finally, what to do with that groomsmen’s suit or bridesmaid’s dress you’ll never wear again? Add corn syrup, dye and a bit of makeup and be the zombie, vampire or miscellaneous undead partygoer of your dreams.

Get twice as sweet with waste-free goodies like Ectoplasm

An Ecotplasm Naked Shower Gel resting on top of a bag of Halloween candy

BYO food and drink

Hosting a party can be expensive and cleanup can be time-consuming. To keep the festivities waste-free and low-cost, make it a pot luck! Encourage guests to bring their own dish or dessert in a reusable container. And if you’re providing punch, ask others to supply their own cups to avoid the mass of red cups or crumpled cans after the clock strikes 12.

This is also a great way to ensure that individual dietary preferences are observed and catered to, so the responsibility doesn’t just fall to the host.

Get up close and personal with our Halloween collection: visit your local Lush shop, or give our customer care team a call at 1-888-733-5874.

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