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naked attraction

Stimulate your senses

Touch, taste, smell, see and hear our full Valentine's Day collection.

Explore everything from the ASMR tingle of a fizzy bath bomb to the sweet taste of a Cherry Lip Scrub.



Listen closely to each and every bath bomb and you'll hear the unmistakable fizzy white noise that makes your hair stand on end. Hear the sensory sizzle of Eggplant as it skitters across the water and then sink deep in the bath as it continues to gently unfurl. Or scrub your lips soft and sweet with Unicorn Lip Scrub and listen as bits of real popping candy crackle and snap.



We have plenty of products that'll stimulate your skin, whether you want to get a little hot and bothered or cool things down. Gently glide Naked Attraction across your skin (or someone else's) and let the aphrodisiac scent of jasmine absolute get you in the mood. Or spread Tingle all over in the shower and rinse it off for icy-cool shivers that feel oh-so-good.




Hop in the shower with three new shower gels and their heavenly, homey scents. Go for Prince Charming and breathe in its beautiful sweet geranium oil and fresh pomegranate juice fragrance. Or choose Nana, a delicious and nostalgic scent blend of bananas and oats that'll make your mouth water. Round things out with the Bakewell Tart sweetness of Almond Blossom for those who want to smell just like the famous dessert.




Fill your bathroom counter with products that are beautiful to behold. This year's Valentine's Day range features everything from sweet shimmery peaches and cheekily fizzing eggplants to heart-shaped boats and lovelorn lockets. Plus fan favorite bubbler Unicorn Horn is back to fill your bath with joyful color, bright swirls and shimmering plastic-free glitter. Turn every bath into a work of art, and every shower into a show.




Scrub on the Unicorn and taste sweet organic virgin plum oil and delicious bits of real popping candy for an extra treat. Or choose the sweet castor sugar of Cherry Lip Scrub and feel its nourishing jojoba oil hydrate your lips as its sweet almond oil flavor lingers for longer. Note: temping though they may look, we don’t recommend putting any other Valentine’s Day products in your mouth.