Lush How It’s Made: Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb

Join Shawn (and his velvety smooth voice) as he shows us how to make Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb! First, Guen, our bath bomb compounding superstar mixes hand-harvested sea salt and agar agar strands with sodium bicarbonate. Then she adds in a grounding blend of pine absolute and cypress and sandalwood oils. Next, Guen makes two different colored mixes: one for the blue shell, and one for the green body of the turtle. To the green mix, she adds sodium alginate—this unique ingredient comes from seaweed, and it’s what gives our jelly bombs their softeningly squishy texture in the water. Finally, the mixes are pressed into molds to create the adorable turtle fizzer!

The sad reality is that sea turtles are suffering. With so much plastic waste in our oceans, turtles often mistake plastic for food and many are killed each year as a direct result. Turtle Immersion carries a message: we must get plastic waste out of our oceans. We’re proud to work with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to create our 100% recycled plastic packaging from ocean plastic, and support various organizations through our Charity Pot program, like SeaChange Agency who are working to raise awareness about ocean plastic in an engaging way.


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