Watch people react to photos of animal testing for cosmetics #BeCrueltyFree

It’s easy to ignore the ugly realities of the beauty industry when we don’t have to face what goes on behind closed doors at labs and testing facilities all over the world. In this video, we show some brave volunteers a series of photos that highlight the regular and frequent procedures done to bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, rats and many other helpless creatures every single day. We know that watching animals suffer is hard, and it’s even harder to feel like there’s nothing you can do. That’s why we’ve set up a series of ways to reach out and contact your local lawmakers to help put an end to this needless and cruel process. Want to get involved? Contact your local lawmaker through our form: Or text ENDCRUELTY to 40649 in the United States, and 70734 in Canada. Get more info about our Charity Pot program: Love Lush? Connect with us! | Lush app for iOS - Lush app for Android - Lush makes fresh, handmade cosmetics including bath bombs, bubble bars, dry shampoo, shower gels, shower smoothies, luxury bath oils and more for all your bath, haircare and skincare needs. We’re also proud to support charities who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment through our Charity Pot program. Learn more about the organizations we work with at