Lush Deep Dives: How to choose the perfect face cleanser

1:30 - Lush Skincare Philosophy 3:08 - Foaming Cleansers 3:15 - Fresh Farmacy 4:40 - Coalface 5:24 - Solid Cleansing Rolls 8:18 - Angels On Bare Skin 9:54 - Herbalism 13:03 - Oil Based Cleansers 13:14 - Ultrabland 14:14 - 9 to 5 15:24 - Kalamazoo 17:09 - Skin Types vs Skin Needs Erica’s here to help you choose the perfect face wash, scrub or balm for your skin needs. We say needs rather than problems or types, because we believe that there’s no such thing as good or bad skin, and our goal is to allow skin to behave as naturally as possible. That means relying on a few simple ingredients to cleanse the skin and help to balance whatever might be knocking it off course on a given day—whether that be excesses dryness, dullness, oiliness or sensitivity—without pushing you (or your skin) out of your comfort zone. From packaging-free foaming cleansers like Fresh Farmacy and Coalface, to the “sushi rolls” like Aqua Marina and Herbalism, and the rich buttery balm of Ultrabland, watch this video if you’re looking for the right way to scrub up with Lush facial cleansers. Featured products: Get in a lather with Fresh Farmacy – Clean up with Coalface - Dive into Aqua Marina – Roll out with Angels On Bare Skin - Hash it out with Herbalism – Go undercover with Ultrabland - Work with 9 to 5 - Buff your beard with Kalamazoo – Dig deep with Dark Angels – Sail away with Ocean Salt - Found your cleanser? Now learn how to use it: Love Lush? Connect with us! | Lush app for iOS - Lush app for Android -