Lush How It's Made: Ectoplasm Shower Cream

Daryl joins our Compounder Madu, Tomo and Jeni as they show us how to make this holiday season’s biggest scream, Ectoplasm Shower Cream. This haunting limited edition wash lifts spirits with its bright citrus scent along with skin-softening doses of cocoa butter and almond oil. To give all elements time to come to the right temperature, we spread this mix across three separate containers. In the first, we start with a classic soap base and add almond oil and cocoa butter. We break them down, mix them up, heat them and leave them to melt. In the second, we combine glycerin and warm water, add our cooling melted mix and citrusy essential oils like tangerine and grapefruit. Then we peel, pulverize and squeeze a bunch of fresh grapefruits and mandarin oranges, add a dash of lime green pigment, and even more essential oils. Everything gets blended together with a big pinch of sea salt. Then we bottle it up and ship it off to a store near you! Scream and shout with Ectoplasm: Check out the packaging-free version: Love Lush? Connect with us! | Lush app for iOS - Lush app for Android - Lush makes fresh, handmade cosmetics including bath bombs, bubble bars, dry shampoo, shower gels, shower smoothies, luxury bath oils and more for all your bath, haircare and skincare needs. We’re also proud to support charities who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment through our Charity Pot program. Learn more about the organizations we work with at