Lush How It’s Made: Goddess Bath Bomb

Join Liz and Gladice as they show us how to make our divine Goddess Bath Bomb. We created this fizzer for deities looking to delve into luxuriously-scented waters infused with rich, hydrating oils. Here’s how we bring it to life: Gladice starts with the “melt mix”—a combination of cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil to keep skin soft and supple. She adds a dash of plastic-free silver luster and puts the mix in the fridge to cool off. Now on to part two: The dry mix, featuring our usual bath bomb base of baking soda, along with even more silver luster and titanium dioxide. Gladice blends it all together, making sure the glitter levels are perfect before adding essential oils like jasmine and sandalwood to give it that heavenly floral scent. She then adds the solid, ground-up melt mix from before to ensure that this bomb feels every bit as good as it looks. Finishing touches include a trio of hues to give Goddess its beautiful swirling hues of lilac, purple and green. It’s then expertly sprinkled and pressed into each mold to create the unique bowl shape. After being spritzed with a final of plastic-free sparkle, it’s off to a store near you! Happy bathing, Gods and Goddesses! Pray to the Goddess: See our full collection of luxurious fizzers: Love Lush? Connect with us! | Lush app for iOS - Lush app for Android - Lush makes fresh, handmade cosmetics including bath bombs, bubble bars, dry shampoo, shower gels, shower smoothies, luxury bath oils and more for all your bath, haircare and skincare needs. We’re also proud to support charities who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment through our Charity Pot program. Learn more about the organizations we work with at