You won't miss a bead

For a glowing complexion, microbeads need not apply

Who knew that cleansing your skin could have such a massive, negative impact? A single tube of facial scrub can contain more than 300,000 microbeads that get washed down your drain and into our waterways. These non-biodegradable plastic bits absorb toxins and are often mistaken for food by fish and other marine life.

Did you know? 470 million microbeads pollute the San Francisco Bay every day.

It's an ever-growing problem, but thankfully, the solution is in your hands. Choose products that only use natural exfoliants like ground nuts and shells, sea salt, polenta, beans and more to give your skin a good scrub without polluting our waterways.

Take action to #banthebead with our Charity Pot partner 5Gyres Institute who is working to eliminate this harmful waste for good!